Getting creative during Covid-19

Whilst events are being postponed due to Coronavirus, there are plenty of virtual event opportunities popping up to provide a chance for people to engage and interact, race, have fitness goal or raise money for charity. With some of our trusted suppliers being closed during this period, we have found a solution for Virtual medals! We are offering limited numbers of hand painted, personalised sustainable wooden medals which are light, small and easy to post. 

Contact us for more info whilst stocks last.

White Rabbit and Mid Sussex Marathon Weekend

3 races, 3 towns, 3 days!

White rabbit events are excited to announce their partnership with Mid Sussex Marathon 2020. 

Mid Sussex Marathon have shown a real commitment to lowering their impact by working with us to ensure their unique event is more sustainable. We will be ensuring that recyclable, circular and biodegradable products are used throughout the event, from marketing materials through to competitor goodies and that event waste is disposed of responsibly.


Together we have developed exciting sustainable and bespoke solutions to the traditional event collateral, focussing on the production, footprint and disposal of each material. Of course safety and fun are also paramount and participants can expect a quality event, eco friendly momentos and the knowledge that they have been part of such a forward thinking, eco conscious race. Leave nothing but footprints!

Find out more HERE 

Update: Event postponed but we are still working on delivering this unique, exciting and environmentally responsible event later in the year.

GEI Global Conference, plus A Greener Festival update

We had the pleasure of attending the 2020 Greener Events and Innovations conference in March. The day was a wonderful collaboration of sustainability and events professionals, covering all the hot topics of mass participation events with guest panellists debating the biggest issues we are facing. 

This event provided a platform to discuss not only the big steps that the event industry is making, but how we can think differently, what can be done better, what are we missing? 

In other news, I am pleased to announce I have passed Stage 1 of the A Greener Festival Events Assessor qualification. Watch this space!

I'm officially a Bin Lady!

Thats right, along with getting my waste carrier license to ensure I can correctly dispose of and recycle event waste, I am building the White Rabbit portable, unique and educational recycling station! This will be coming to each event (expect bells and whistles) and will provide educational fun and games for kids to spread the reduce, reuse and  recycle message!

Whats in my bag?

Back when White Rabbit was a pipeline dream, one of my goals was to create a bag for sports events which could be reused and disposed of with minimal impact when finished with. I was waiting to perfect this bag before I launched the business but in reality, it is taking a long time to design and develop - so I'm glad I went ahead and launched with the many wonderful products we can already offer. 


Bag design is well underway and I am looking at everything from hemp materials to dissolvable "plastics" to biodegradable PLA (corn starch) materials. It's complex. These bags need to be waterproof, strong enough for reuse, have an environmentally friendly production process and be able to either fully compost in normal, everyday conditions or be fully recyclable. Subscribe to our newsletter for future updates!