Welcome to White Rabbit Events. Our aim is simple, to reduce the impact of events on our environment by providing advice, carefully sourced sustainable products and environmentally friendly solutions to Event Organisers.

We have a passion for sports and fitness events, being a small team of experienced athletes and Race Directors alike. We understand the challenges involved in managing events, the many hats you wear and the pressure to meet environmental legislation and directives, such as the ban of single use plastic at events by 2021.


We also know that the happiness of your competitors is paramount and there is increased interest from participants to be supporting eco conscious and environmentally responsible events


Have you considered the environmental impact of your event?


Are you taking steps to become a more sustainable, eco friendly Event Organiser?


Do you want to contribute to driving sustainability within sports events?


Are you unsure how to become more sustainable on a limited budget?


There are many factors to think about and lots of things you can do to improve, but like many you may also be:

  • Struggling with time and resource

  • Struggling to find eco friendly solutions within budget

  • Unsure which part of your event has the biggest environmental impact

  • Trying to find out what's important to your target audience

  • Unsure how to reduce your event waste, unsure of what can be widely recycled and what alternatives to plastic are available

We specialise in Event Management and Sustainability and can assist with all areas of your event.


Let us help to lower the impact of your triathlon, running, cycling or other sports event and help you build a forward thinking, eco conscious event which people will be proud of. Join our passion in sports and healing the planet and directly contribute to lowering the impact of sports events. 


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